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Download Supply Chain Management PDF: Today, we are sharing Supply Chain Management pdf with you. This pdf file of Supply Chain Management contains all the basics of Supply Chain Management. You will get Supply Chain Management introduction, many definitions, its process, advantages and disadvantages. Here we are sharing few concepts of Supply Chain Management to let you know what this pdf file contains. You will get the complete pdf file at the end of this post.

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Supply Chain Management has a great impact on every field whether it is social or professional. Supply Chain Management is very essential for customers and organization success. And if we talk socially then Supply Chain Management plays an important while disasters and in relief operations. Supply Chain Management handles all the activities at the time of emergencies. Supply Chain Management is nothing but it’s a process of providing and delivering the product to the customer from suppliers. Supply Chain Management involves managing demand and supply, manufacturing and assembling, tracking, order management and delivery to the customers. There are many reasons that why it is used in organizations few of them are listed as.

Download Supply Chain Management PDF

It boasts customer Services: Supply Chain Management is responsible for making the right product for the customer and delivering it in given time limit.

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Reduces operation costs: Of course when you know that how much amount of products have to make and for how many customers then surely you will have less operations to do for it. Supply Chain Management enables you to do so and in turn it reduces your operation costs.

There are five basic components of Supply Chain Management that are listed here

Plan: In this phase, strategies are made for Supply Chain Management. It determines how to set lowest cost by providing quality product to the customer.

Develop: This is the very next stage of Supply Chain Management and in this stage supply chain managers develop sets of delivery, pricing and process of payment.

Make: At this stage, the actual product is made, tested and packed. This step is also called manufacturing step.

Deliver: This is called the logistic step of Supply Chain Management, in this orders are received by customers and planning of goods delivery is done.

Return: So this is the final stage of Supply Chain Management process. It is the right f the customer that f he doesn’t like the product or the product is defective then he can return the product. And yes of course this part creates lots of problems for the companies.

Download: Supply Chain Management PDF

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