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Completely Free Operations Management PDF: Operations management is not just a term, it is a field that cannot be discussed in an article. But we have made a pdf file of Operations Management that will give you all the information about Operations Management. This pdf file of Operations Management contains history, introduction, definitions, advantages and disadvantages of Operations Management. You can download this pdf file of Operations Management for free and it is free to share.

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Operations Management designs and controls the process of production and sometimes it redesigns operations of good and service productions. The main function of operations management is to focus on the process of production of goods and services. There are lots of advantages of operations management like probability management, competitive advantages and regulatory compliance etc.

Completely Free Operations Management PDF

Before we start discussion about operation management, let us discuss

What is operation: Operation is basically the action of functioning. And in management all the functioning is managed by operations management.

operations management ensures that business operations are using few resources as needed and also these are meeting the customer requirements. Also it is responsible for managing the process that concerts input to the output.

There are many definitions of operations management given by different authors. We have given few most important and relative definitions in the pdf file. There are two important terms that are used in operations management. These are supply chain management and logistic. In supply chain management, operation management, manager meets client demands and in logistic, use of resources and cost effectiveness is considered.

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There are different roles of operations manager like

Management of resources: Operations manager has a vital role in managing the raw material of organization. Supply and purchasing are the centrals of his job.

Financial management: He is responsible for budgeting, controlling and keeping the organization of financial sound track. He can minimize the cost when implementing the supply chain and other resources.

Goal Setting: Operations Manager sets the goals and policies for the organization. He forecast sales and promotional activities of the organization.

Yes there are few disadvantages of operations management like it depends upon too many factors. Even if the operations manager makes an effective plan, and the management do not follow it accurately then there are lots of possibilities that the plan will fail.

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