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Material Management Images

Material Management Images

Material Management pdf Free Download: This Material management pdf file is made for those who want to learn the quick basics of Material management. We have given a complete Material management pdf file at the end of this post. You can download Material management pdf for free. We have given some basic information about what Material management is? The rest Material management information like its introduction, functions, goals, objectives and definition is given in the pdf file.

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Material Management pdf free download

Material management plays an important role if a company wants to make profit. Material management is vastly used in the companies because it provides the supply of materials at the lowest cost. Material management increases profits by minimizing the cost of production. Material management can be defined as planning, directing, controlling and coordinating all the activities that are related to materials.

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Its goal is to provide lowest operation cost and best material selection. Material management is responsible for managing issues that are related to materials like incorrect bills, shipping errors, receiving errors and unreported scrap. There are various functions that Material management has performed. Few of them are discussed below

Production and material control: A proper production schedule is made by the production managers. Material requirements are determined according to the schedule. Production schedule are dependent on the demand and order received for the materials.


Purchasing department is responsible for contacting to the suppliers. They collect quotations from them at regular intervals. The main goal of this department is to avail best quality material at lowest price.

Non production stores

These stores are not needed on the daily basis because they consist of office supply, repair and maintenance tools. But still there is a big need of them because their absence may stop manufacturing task.

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Transportation is an important function of material management because in the material is transported from suppliers. Vehicles used in transportation may be purchased or taken on rent depending upon the quantity and frequency of buying material. Main goal is t achieve cheap, quick and reliable transportation.

Material handling

Material handling requires specific equipments. Material handling deals with the movement of material within the shop by minimizing the loss of material while moving. They should keep in notice that no wastage of material takes place.


Receiving department is responsible for sending items to the stores. Also this department tells about the receipt of the material.

Material Management pdf- Click here to download

We hope that you will like reading this Material Management pdf file.

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