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HR Role and Responsibilities in PDF: This article is made to give you an idea about who is an HR manger and what are his main role and responsibilities in PDF File. We are going to discuss few about HR Responsibilities and hr role. The complete PDF file will be available at the end of this post for free download. In modern era, the role and responsibilities of Hr manager have been completely changed. Before this modern age, administrators were the HR managers and they used to decide everything about employees staffing, training and selection.

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But these days HR managers have their own role to play for the organizations. Now Administrators hires professional Hr Mangers who works on strategy to provide their company more valuable employees. HR Managers are responsible for many activities that are related to employees.

HR Role and Responsibilities in PDF

HR managers are responsible for managing employee’s recruitment, selection, training, their satisfaction, employee’s rewards and incentives etc. All one can say that they provide a strong back bone to the company by providing it the best staff for work. Let us discuss few of the Roles and responsibilities of Hr Managers below.

Recruitment and selection: An Hr manager know the hiring needs of the company so he makes a recruitment and selection plan to recruit employees. He is responsible for developing the job description of the position.

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No one is perfect even anyone have experience of doing that job. All the organizations have their own work environment and tasks to perform. And only good selection doesn’t make good employees. They have to be trained first s that they can give their best to the organization. Hr department is responsible for training programs through which employees learn about the work environment and their job specification. At the end of the training, HR announces the result of the training.

Appraisal and promotion

If any employee is working hard for his organization and giving his best performance then Hr team is always ready to give him appraisal and promotion. Also it gives a feedback to the employees that whose performance is not up to the mark.

Employee’s relationship

A good relation between employees is must if any organization wants to grow. It is HR manager’s responsibility to make employees relationship better. And solve their complaints and issue related to the organization too.

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Who don’t like incentives; yes it is employee’s nature that they want incentive from their organization. It boosts up employee’s confidence to the next level and they become more loyal for the organization.

So these were the main responsibilities and the roles of the HR managers. And really Hr mangers job is tough and complicated.

If you want to download its complete pdf for roles and responsibilities of HR then the link is given below for free download.

HR Role and Responsibilities PDF- Click here to download

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