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Global Warming Essay Free Download: We have discussed Effects or Impact of Global Warming. This page contains Global Warming Essay and this PDF is completely free to download.

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Global Warming Essay Free Download

Effects or Impact of Global Warming

Climate Change: climate change is one of the big reasons for Global warming. The world’s is becoming warmer and warmer. 

Sea Level Change: One major reason of global warming arising out of greenhouse effect is the rise in sea level.

Water Balance: water balancing can be a big problem in future. It also effects on global warming.

Human Health: The human health is put at risk because of Global warming. It becomes many reasons for desease.

How to prevent Global Warming?

There are some solutions which will be proved to prevent Global Warming.

Laws. The Laws that are related to govern pollution and greenhouse gases must be followed.

Reduction in thermal power generating stations.

We should not waste paper. We can save paper by keeping documents in electronic format and by not printing emails.

Planting Trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Trees are helpful in reducing the problem of global warming. So we should increase the numbers of trees.

Sharing our car. We can share our car while going to office or performing other scheduled activities. It will be helped to less greenhouse gasses.

Download: Global Warming Essay


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