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Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) PDF: This article explains evertying about Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) in pdf. You can download it this pdf file at the end of this article. Below we are giving you a summer of what this pdf file about Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) PDF contains inside.

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Human resource management is an important function of management that is related to hiring, inspiring and maintaining the workforce of any organization. Human Resource Management handles all the matters related to organization people like their training, motivation, compensation, salary and relationship. It protects employee’s rights and maximizes their contribution towards the achievement of company goals and objectives.

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Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) PDF

There are three main functions of Human Resource Management that can be classifies as below.

Managerial Functions

Operative Functions

Advisory Functions

Managerial Functions

Managerial Functions can also be classified in different categories like

Planning: In this planning of human resources is done that what numbers of human resources is needed in the future and what is the current number of human resources. The net shortage and excess of human resources is also planned in this function.

Organization: After planning about the need of human resources, human resource manager groups the employees into their positions, assign functions to the individuals and he designs various organization structures.

Directing: Direction is very essential while the manpower is executing the plans and actions. In this the manager guides and supervises the man power that how things will be done and how the whole process will be carried out. The manager needs to be a great leader who is able to build a winning team.

Controlling: Whatever the plan you make, if your manpower doesn’t stick to it then it is not going to work for sure. In this auditing is done through reviewing reports and records.

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Operative Functions

Operative Functions can also be classified in different categories like

Recruitment and Selection: In this the candidate for a particular job is selected.

Job analysis and design: It describes the nature of jobs and recruits person according to their skills and eligibility.

Performance appraisal: if any employ performs well then he got appraisal depending on his performance.

Training: In this function, training of new employees is done.

There are many other functions in this like Wage and salary administration, employees welfare, maintenance, labor relations, personal research and records that are explained in the pdf file.

Advisory Functions

Advisory Functions can also be classified in different categories like

Advised to top management: Manger advises to the top management about the evaluation of policies and procedures.

Advised to department head: Manger advises to the head of various departments about manpower planning, placement and training etc.

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