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Project Management Images

Project Management Images

Free Project Management Complete PDF Download: This article gives you well explained pdf file about Project management. This pdf file for Project management contains everything like what is a project, project management, advantages of Project management. Why we need it and when it is requires. All the phases of Project management process etc. You are free to download this Project management pdf file.

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In software development field, project management is widely used by all the organizations. And project management is not just restricted to typical projects only but even a simple project needs a project management. In a company that is at its initial stage doesn’t need project management but as it grows, it needs a project manager who can take care of all the projects and who is responsible for all the projects. Before anyone discusses about project management, he must be aware of?

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Free Project Management Complete PDF Download

What is a projects? A Project is short term venture that has a particular starting and ending. Project is always unique and it is supposed as completed when it achieves its goals and objectives. Now let us define

What is project management? Project management is planning and conducting the project process from the beginning to the end. Project management is a five stage process that include following steps.

Initiation: In this stage, the project manager formally starts the projects. Nature and scope of the projects are defined in this stage that whether the projects will be completed realistically. Also PID (Project initiation document) is made that contains all the information about the projects

Planning And Design: Of course a high level of planning is done in the initial phase but detailed planning of project management is done in this phase.

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Executing: Before this stage, all the previous stages were not based on practical work. But in executing stage, actual plans are taken into actions. It should be taken in consideration that the main objectives of the projects are not lacking behind.

Monitoring: The whole process of project management is monitored and controlled in this stage. Performance of the project is regularly observed.

Closing: As its name shows, closing is the last phase of project management. It doesn’t mean the success of project but just closing of project whether it was a failure or success.

Of course by going through project management, we can reduce the chances of project failure. project management benefits a company in many ways like it keeps the cost and resources in budget and limits.

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