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The Five Stages of the Strategic Management Process in PDF: This article gives you a complete pdf file for Strategic Management Process. A complete diagrammatical explanation is given in this pdf file. We are sharing few of our points that may help you to understand what this post is all about and what will you get in the pdf file. So get Strategic Management Process pdf at the end of this post for free download.

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Strategic management process means for making the strategy for organization or company. Strategic management process is just not like a set of rules that are made to perform something but it is more than this. The top management have be very careful and thinking if they want to make the best strategy for their company. Strategic management process is a process whether manager is responsible for deciding that what rules and plans will be used to get the better performance.

Also Strategic management process is a continuous process that works at all the levels of organization. And in actual it is just a philosophical approach that has no physical or genuine proves. But still this process saves a big amount of money for the companies.

Strategic management process works in best manner if everyone working is it is aware of tp understands it better. So if a company or organization want to increase their sales or want to achieve their goals then it mandatory that they have a proper Strategic management process.

The Five Stages of the Strategic Management Process in PDF

There are five major steps in this Strategic management process that are given below

Goal Setting: Goal setting is basically the vision setting for any organization. This steps consists of three main factors: Make short term and long term goals, defining the process that how to achieve these goals, designing the process for each individual staff.

Analysis: This stage is also called data gathering stage. This stage plays a crucial role in all the Strategic management process because coming two stages are dependent on it. Internal and external issues are identifies that can influence the objective of the organization.

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Strategy Formulation: The information given by the analysis are reviewed in the stage. Resources are identified that can which of them can help further in the future.

Strategic Implementation: This is the main stage where action is taken on all the given plans. This step is very crucial in the whole process of Strategic management.

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Evaluation and Control: This is the last stage of Strategic management process. In this the whole process is evaluated that whether everything is working correct or anything is wrong.

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