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Difference between management and administration pdf: In this article difference between management and administration pdf, you will get a complete explained pdf for difference between management and administration. We are giving you a brief introduction of both these terms here. Also the tabular difference with diagram for this article is given inside the pdf that you can download at the end of this post. The pdf for difference between management and administration is completely free to share download.

Difference between management and administration

Difference between management and administration

Difference between management and administration pdf

There are numerous opinions of writers about this topic difference between management and administration. Some of them refer both these terms interchangeably and other says that there are lots of between management and administration. So conflict about this topic is obvious.

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Yes at the very initial point of the company there is no difference between both of them but as company grows, the distinction between them becomes necessary. Administration decides the policies of the company whereas management is responsible for putting these policies into action. Administration has the task of determination and thinking whereas management executes these plans and actions. Management and administration can be differentiated according to their functions and usages/ applicability.

On the basic of function, there is different meaning, nature, process, skills and level of management and administration.

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And on the basic of usages/ Applicability there is different applicability, influence and status of management and administration.

If talk about the functions of Management and administration, then management has a function of execution of plans and administration has a function of making decisions. Management has technical human skills whereas administration has conceptual thinking skills.

And according to usages of Management and administration, Management is group of paid employees and administrations are basically the owner of the firm. Management is basically mean for the profit making firm whereas administration can also mean for schools and hospitals.

So all this discussion is described and explained well in the pdf file of difference between Management and administration with the help of tables and pictures that shows how management belongs to bottom level and middle level and administration belongs to top level and middle level of organization.

Difference Between Administration and Management PDf- Click Here To Download

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