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Management Images

Management Images

A Complete Management PDF Covering All Basics For Free: Management is the planning, controlling, coordinating, and organizing. Basically it refers to a group of people that work together to produce something. Management is a continuous process that means it never end and stays till the project ends. There are lots of definitions of Management given by different authors like Harold Koontz, Henri Fayol, Peter Drucker, Mary Parker Follet. They all have given their own definition to Management but the key concept of management is same.

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PDF for Management covering all basics is given at the end of this post. This Management pdf is made with the help of internet and we have taken material from the best sources to make everything clear about Management. We hope that you will like this Management pdf and it is totally free to download and share.

A Complete Management PDF Covering All Basics For Free

Table of content for Management Basics PDF

  • What is Management?
  • Meaning of Management
  • Characteristics of Management
  • Functions of Management
  • Management as an Art and Science
  • Management Vs Administration
  • Roles of Manager

Let’s give you a brief introduction of all these terms and get full Management pdf that you can download it at the end of this post.

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Characteristics of Management: There are many characteristics of Management but few them are Management as a career, Goal oriented, Guidance, Leadership and Continuous Process etc.

Functions of Management: there are basically five Functions of Management that are Planning, Organization, Staffing, Coordination and Controlling.

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Management as an Art and Science

Management can art and as well as science. Management has the features of both like science Management works on universal principles, it has cause and effects, Test and validates etc.

And if you consider it as art than Management depends upon personal skills like art, Practical knowledge, creativity, goal oriented etc.

Differences Between Management and Administration.

There are many people who say that Management and administration both are just same. But the fact is that there are numerous Differences between Management and Administration. As Management is concerned about the execution of activity where as administrator decides the activity. Management is putting policies into operation whereas Administration is determining policies.

Roles of Manager

A manger has lots of work to do in the organization. He is responsible for hiring people, management of performances, team development, management of resources and improvement of process and quality.

So all these topics are discussed in this Management pdf. We are giving this Management pdf for free and it covers about all the topics that are required to learn basic Management.

Management PDF- Click to Download

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