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15 Most Important characteristics of management in PDF: We have made this article to just give you a brief of what is contained in this pdf file for 15 most important characteristics of management. If you want the complete pdf file of characteristics of management then please it is given at the end of this post.

This is a fact that management is needed at all the levels of organization. Management is considered as the backbone for any company if It wants to grow and earn more profit. And it is required for management that it carries few most important characteristics. Yes there are lots of characteristics of management on which it depends but let’s take few of them important characteristics of management. We are giving a brief scenario about the characteristics of management below.

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15 Most Important characteristics of management in PDF

Management is Goal Oriented:

Any organization needs goals to earn profit and objectives. If it doesn’t carry any goals then for sure it doesn’t need any management. There should be always some goals like if you want to sale 300 websites it is your goal and only then manager can plan about the resources and actions that are needed to achieve this goal. So management is always goal oriented.

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Management is Continues Process

Management never ends and it is needed at all the levels of organization. It is a continuous process because it is always performed continuously. For example: if company is in the planning phase then management is needed and when it moves to the exactions phase then still management will be there and finally at the phase of testing, management will be again there.

Management is a Dynamic Process

Plans are not something in any organization that are made once. Yes these are many situations and external factors that influence the plans. At that time, it is management that dynamically changes the plan and makes it better.

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As a product of any company and its resources, management is intangible. It means that you cannot see management physically like products and resources. But you can see it in the coordination and controlled work of employees. It handles all the confusions and mismanagement of the company that may create disaster.


Management is used by everyone because it is a universal phenomenon. Management is not just restricted to the companies and organization but it is used by all profit, non- profit, business or non- business like schools, colleges and hospitals.

It is a group activity

There is no one person who is responsible for everything in the management. Management belongs to a group of people. Each and every individuals have their own roles and duties that they have to fulfill for sure.

So it was all about Characteristics of Management. If you want to to download complete Characteristics of Management in pdf file then please download button is given below.

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